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About us

TENZA cast, a.s. has been in the die casting industry since 2004 when the company decided to continue an almost forty-year tradition of zinc die casting and resumed production in the Adamov plant. Thanks to investments and providing the necessary facilities it was possible to significantly extend the existing production plant and implement new progressive technologies in the following years. The foundry has, therefore, become the biggest zinc die casting manufacturer in the Czech Republic.

TENZA cast, a.s. currently employs one hundred and fifty workers who work in a three-shift system in two manufacturing plants. Annually, more than 3,000 tonnes of zinc alloy is processed on 29 modern die casting machines. The produced castings are used in various industrial sectors. The major part is intended for automotive industry and electrotechnical industry, while the production for furniture making is on the increase.

TENZA cast, a.s. offers its customers comprehensive services including the casting design proposal, prototype development, material recommendation, tool design and production and serial production of castings. The company also offers other services, such as mould flow analyses, surface treatments, castings machining and their assembly.