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Zinc castings

TENZA cast is a manufacturer of precision zinc alloy castings utilizing die casting technology. Zinc alloys are a universally applicable material intended for general use. They are characterized by superior strength and dimensional stability and precision are achieved during processing. Zinc alloys achieve high productivity levels because of short production cycles and good castability. Moreover, the production is environmentally friendly and simultaneously competitive and cost-effective thanks to a high level of automation, long tool service life, low melting point, and alloy recyclability.

Modern zinc die casting technologies require extensive technical expertise. TENZA cast offers its customers optimal technical solutions delivering outstanding quality while minimizing production costs thanks to the combination of conventional FRECH die casting machines and ANGELCAST multislide casting machines. The part weight ranges from 0.1 g to 1,500 g.

CONVENTIONAL technology – FRECH die casting machines with clamping force from 20 to 120 t – has a positive effect on the below parameters:

  • porosity of castings (high strength)
  • excellent surface quality
  • more component casting (elimination of secondary assembly operations)
  • tools containing a high number of cavities (reduction of production costs)
  • complex part shapes (part is moulded without limiting the direction and angle of tool sliders)
  • part weight range (1–1,500 g)
  • guaranteed tool life (minimum 1 million shots)

die casting machines exerting clamping force up to 7.5 t – has a positive effect on the below parameters:

  • productivity (cycle time approx. 4 seconds)
  • weight of cast parts (from 0.1 g)
  • lower price of cast parts in comparison with the conventional technology while achieving the same multiplicity of the tool
  • operating costs of the equipment
  • high stability of the production process (Cp, Cpk)
  • price of tools
  • guaranteed tool life (minimum 1 million shots)